Alignment of the HRDS with the NGP

Alignment of the HRDS with the NGP

Alignment of the HRDS with the NGP


Problem Statement:

There have been significant changes and restructuring in government as a result of a new set of priorities and policies. A need therefore exists to align the Human Resource Development Strategy of South Africa (HRDS) 2010–2030 with the New Growth Path (NGP).



To identify how the HRDS can support sustainable employment creation by providing the skills required to grow labour-absorbing activities. Encourage greater economic equality through the increasingly fair access to quality education and through the provision of opportunities for life-long skills development especially for lower-level workers, and provide opportunities for unemployed youth to engage in skills development and community service on a larger scale.

Key Issues Emerging

The TTT commissioned a research paper which:

  • Explored ways in which skills forecasting is currently undertaken and the challenges that have emerged within this context in terms of the extent to which the projected demand is able to take into account national imperatives, as well as the accuracy and validity of the projections
  • Research set forth different methodologies for defining and quantifying skills shortages
  • The paper proposed alternatives to the existing strategy of forecasting
  • Considered what it would take to ensure that supply is able to meet demand
  • Specifically assessed the capacity of provider institutions to meet the targets contained in the New Growth Path (NGP)
  • Indicated what interventions would be required to enable providers to meet the requisite demand
  • Made recommendations regarding the system and institutional implications and arrangements that would need to be considered in order to ensure delivery on the targets contained in the NGP. These recommendations would outline the role to be played by the SETAs as well as the National Skills Fund.

Expected Outcomes

  • An assessment of the targets for skills development provided in the New Growth Path, with proposals on how to achieve them
  • A detailed assessment of the implications for the competencies, institutional reforms and resourcing for the SETAs, FET, HET and immigration policy arising out of the measures proposed
  • A report on the requirements for aligning human resource development and economic development strategies in the long run


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