Skills System Review

Skills System Review

Skills System Review


Problem Statement:

The review of the Sector Skills Plans (SSPs) for the period 2010/11 was finalised by the Department of Higher Education and Training and the review report was presented to the HRDC structures, including the Council, at a meeting on 7 April 2011. The review revealed a number of serious challenges in relation to the capacity of SETAs to compile the SSPs.



The aim of the Technical Task Team is to:

  • Review the current skills development institutional system and landscape
  • Determine whether the sector-based approach to skills development is the best model for delivering skills for the country
  • Ascertain the extent to which links between the system enable complementarities and coordination between institutions and structures in the human resources development value chain both from the supply and demand point of view

Key Issues Emerging

The Technical Task Team has been requested and agreed to take into consideration issues coming out of the work of the Ministerial Task Team on SETA Performance as well as other studies that have been done in relation to the South African Skills System.

Expected Outcomes

  • Conduct an analysis of the current SETA system and the current state of skills development in South Africa
  • Compare and consolidate the analysis report on the current system and benchmarking report
  • Define a common vision for an integrated and inclusive skills development system for South Africa
  • Determine the best possible alternatives for a skills system in South Africa
  • Present final recommendations for the best model for delivering skills in the country