Foundational Learning

Foundational Learning

Foundational Learning


Problem Statement:

In March 2011, the HRDC established the foundational Learning Technical Task Team (TTT) to identify backlog in the schooling system and to propose measure to assist the Department of Basic Education in improving quality of schooling in South Africa.



The Secretariat of the Human Resource Development Council established a process to ensure the TTT fulfilled its mandate and drafted terms.  The TTT possesses a work plan outlining the details of their specifications as well as clear deliverables and timelines.

The TTT supports Commitment 3 of the Human resource Development Strategy of South Africa, namely:

“We will ensure improved universal access to quality basic education and schooling (up to Grade 12) that is purposefully focused on: (a) achieving a dramatic improvement in the education outcomes for the poor; and (b) equipping learners with optimal capacity for good citizenship”: (see Human Resource Development Strategy For South Africa 2010 – 2030 (HRDS) Page 30).

Key Issues Emerging

Key issues on education and schooling in South Africa as pointed out in the National Planning Commission’s proposed National Development Plan has been taken into consideration by the TTT.

The following issues are currently being addressed:

  • Strengthening and increasing access to early childhood development
  • Increasing production and subject knowledge of teacher training development
  • Improving school leadership and management

Expected Outcomes

  • Present a comprehensive understanding of current backlogs, draw on existing research and look at the current strategy of the DBE. Explore interrelationships between backlogs and find three or four key leverage points
  • Propose recommendations on how best to position schooling to support commitment 3 of the HRDS
  • Identify pipeline issues/backlogs within foundational learning
  • A synopsis of the research (etc.) on the schooling system to increase our understanding
  • A report outlining the challenges identified at district level
  • A technical report encompassing the nature of the problems/backlogs and challenges in the schooling system will be compiled and include the necessary recommendations of priority areas for required intervention of Council and project owners