Production of Professionals

Production of Professionals

Production of Professionals


Problem Statement:

South Africa is not producing enough graduates in priority areas and as such we have a skills shortage across a wide range of economic sectors.  There is also an uneven production of professionals across race groups as graduate rates are unacceptably low and graduate production times are long – this results in high levels of youth unemployment as funding.



The aim is to investigate ways to increase production of qualified professionals in South Africa.

Key Issues Emerging

The Production of Professionals task Team has commenced the following research:

  • International benchmarking study highlighting that South Africa is lagging behind peer economies in terms of professionals per 1000 of the population
  • Investigate bursary and scholarship financial spend in South Africa

Expected Outcomes

The Production of Professionals TTT has been mandated to:

  • Guide the production of the professionals via the TTT
  • Develop recommendations for the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDC) for support of production of professionals in priority fields
  • Identify priority fields
  • Develop measures to address backlogs and recommendations to address these
  • Analyse, quantify and understand business, donor and government contribution towards scholarships
  • Share best practice and research on management of bursaries, scholarships
  • Identify feasibility of funding of a website or organization such as SAQA to provide information on scholarships, bursaries and placements
  • Identify areas of overlapping with other TT Teams

The following areas of priority have been identified:

Health: Nurses, pharmacists and medical doctors

Engineering and the built environment: Engineers

Education: Teachers

Finance: Chartered accountants, actuarial scientists

Agriculture: Veterinary Science and Bio-Resource Engineering

Social sector: Social workers