3. Enabling Entrepreneurship – Final report v5t


3. Enabling Entrepreneurship – Final report v5t

The Context:

The Enabling Entrepreneurship task team has carefully considered the human resource development needs within South Africa to develop an entrepreneurial nation, and this 227-page paper makes recommendations for the way forward for South Africa, and is a summary of the more than one thousand pages of research that have been produced. The team, consisting of eighteen team members, along with a panel of nine experts, supported by nine patrons (senior entrepreneurial icons in South Africa and internationally) has worked consistently over nearly three-years to answer the terms of reference. The team has focused on how this goal may be achieved for the nation as a whole, aligned with IPAP and the NDP, and within four key spheres of human resource development, notably within: 1) the schooling system, 2) the FET (TVET) college system, 3) the higher education system, and 4) the ambit of all those outside of the formal education system including those already involved in a small organisation or potentially interested in starting a new organisation. In each of these four areas the teams have been headed and guided by a Chief Director in the relevant government department. Over 250 meetings have been held with public and private sector organisations…

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Contact Email: Ramataboe.l@dhet.gov.za
Contact Person: Ms Lineo Ramataboe

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