Foundational Learning

Foundational Learning

Foundational Learning


Problem Statement:

In March 2011, the Human Resource Development Council initiated a Foundational Learning project to identify blockages in the schooling system and come up with measures that could be used to support the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to improve the quality of schooling in the country.

The project supported Commitment 3 of the Human Resource Development Strategy of South Africa:


“We will ensure improved universal access to quality basic education and schooling (up to Grade 12) that is purposefully focused on: (a) achieving a dramatic improvement in the education outcomes for the poor; and (b) equipping learners with optimal capacity for good citizenship”: (see Human Resource Development Strategy For South Africa 2010 – 2030 (HRDS) Page 30).


The project took into consideration some of the key issues on education and schooling in South Africa from the National Planning Commission’s proposed National Development Plan. The project interrogated how the following issues that had emerged the HRDC’s internal discussions and from the Development Plan could be leveraged to positively impact on schooling:

  1. Early childhood development – how to strengthen and expand access to it;
  2. Teacher training development – how to increase outputs and subject knowledge; and
  3. School leadership and management – improving it.


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