Worker Education Framework 15 August 2014

Worker Education Framework 15 August 2014

Worker Education Framework South Africa.

According to the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDCSA) Worker Education problem statement, “there is no clear collective vision on an integrated, accredited and non-accredited worker education and training framework in South Africa. As a result no national coordinated and integrated Policy and Legislative Framework is available to guide and support the implementation of worker education and training.

The Worker Education Technical Task Team, one of nine in the HRDC, commissioned a Worker Education Study in November 2012:

  • To conduct an analysis and attain a common understanding of the current provision and understanding of the three pillars namely Worker
  • Education Ideology, Vocational education and Joint Worker Education within the Worker Education and Training context;
  • To conduct a study on global/international practice in the Worker Education environment focusing on the above three pillars;
  • To compare and consolidate the analysis report on the current system and the benchmarking report;
  • To define a common vision for National Worker Education Framework; and
  • To produce a National Integrated Worker and Education and Training Framework and costed Implementation Plan.

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